Lightweight battery cells, modules and packs


Safely and efficiently assembling battery cells, modules and packs is an engineering challenge.


BASF has a wide range of materials and technologies that can be used to meet customer requirements, while reducing mass, enhancing design flexibility and allowing for component and feature integration.


Able to handle challenging environments, high-performance engineered plastic resins can accommodate the need for flame retardants, better stability against glycol exposure, low warpage, or good dimensional stability.


Focus on weight reduction with new lighter weight technologies.


Ultramid® polyamide makes plastic air intake manifolds, cylinder head covers and most recently transmission and oil pans to maximize fuel efficiency by minimizing weight.


Internal combustion, hybrid or electric, drivers want their vehicles to go further while using less. Our high-performance engineering plastics contribute to lightweighting while enhancing safety, high-voltage isolation, EMI shielding, thermal management and durability.


Used in high-voltage isolation/connection systems, battery pack subcomponents, thermal systems, power electronics and charging devices and accessories, Ultramid helps increase range while reducing cost.