Exploring new frontiers


The quest for competitive advantage often involves the development of new applications. New ways to transform average performance to high performance.


Our experts in application development come from a culture of innovation. They get their kicks from finding out how things work, and how they can make them work better. And get you to market faster.


At our Innovation Lab in Wyandotte, MI, our application development engineers and specialists are always testing. They're doing tear-down and benchmarking — on our customers' products and their competitors' products. They're troubleshooting and providing issue support for cracking, parts failure and appearance.


Rapid prototyping. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. Deep product science. Material development and custom formulations. Advanced development engineering, including assembly and joining techniques and material compatibilities.


For really tough challenges, call on our global R&D network. Around 10,650 employees are engaged in research and development on about 3,000 projects at approximately 70 locations around the world. Our central research and development organization is also integrated into a global network of more than 600 excellent universities, research institutions and companies.