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    Strake test

    In this video, Trelleborg Offshore runs BASF polyurethane through a rigorous Stinger test. As you can see, the polyurethane strakes withstand the 50 tons of force with ease.

  • VIDEOCalvin

    The final frontier of automotive lightweighting: The electrical system

    Calvin Nichols, Global Automotive Market Segment Manager at BASF, explains how an innovative, shielded polymer that replaces aluminum and steel module covers can reduce part weight by 10% or more.

  • VIDEOTimothy

    SWASH: Quick at home dry-cleaning

    What if you could deodorize and clean your clothes in less time it takes to walk to your neighborhood dry cleaner? We worked with Whirlpool and P&G to make it possible.

  • VIDEOScott

    A lighter powertrain with plastics

    BASF partnered with OEMs to produce a powertrain that satisfies the most rigorous automotive standards. The result? Higher fuel economy through lightweighting.

  • VIDEOChris

    The next level of automotive customization

    Consumers are demanding more and more customization in their car interiors. Using Elastollan TPU as a light transmission material, manufacturers can give it to them.

  • VIDEOEco-Efficiency Analysis 101: How to Leverage this Strategic Lifecycle Tool

    Eco-Efficiency Analysis 101: How to Leverage this Strategic Lifecycle Tool

    Go beyond simple lifecycle analysis to balance the triple bottom line. Get an overview of the third-party verified Eco-Efficiency Analysis that compares lifecycle economic and environmental data for m

  • VIDEORoofingwebinar

    Webinar: High-performance ELASTOSPRAY© SPF roofing systems

    Moses Clark, National Accounts Roofing Manager, BASF, discusses the features and benefits of SPF roofing systems.


    ELASTOSPRAY® SPF Roofing System

    A sustainable roof that offers both the lowest lifecycle cost and a low environmental impact.