Many markets, many challenges, many solutions.


Whatever you make, we can help you improve performance and manufacturability. Reduce production costs while still creating a premium product.


We have many solutions, and we play in many markets. Residential and commercial construction, infrastructure, energy and mining. Consumer products ranging from appliances and furniture to athletic equipment and medical devices and almost every point in between. Systems and components for cars, trucks, planes, trains, buses and boats.  Right down to the very manufacturing equipment required to make all of these things, plastics and polyurethanes are integral to high performance.


With a broad product portfolio of off-the-shelf solutions, combined with complete customization capabilities and industry-leading technical expertise, we can help you replace average performance with high performance in your marketplace.


Explore the links below to find out how we can give you a competitive advantage.


Learn more about how BASF polyurethanes are formulated for onshore oil and gas pipeline applications.


BASF products contribute to making vehicles faster, lighter, stronger, more comfortable and more fuel efficient.


Give them what they need, before they know they need it.

Consumers demand more today than ever before. More functions. More comfort. More value. More aesthetic appeal. More durability. More environmental stewardship. They demand high performance.

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Improve the performance of the built environment.

By 2050, there will be 9 billion people on our planet. We have to enhance quality of life. Reduce environmental impact. Meeting these goals begins with the right high-performance materials and systems.

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Where would industry be without P&P?

The array of products and systems that depend on plastics and polyurethanes is almost endless. Even the manufacturing equipment itself relies on high-performance materials.

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Interior view of an automobile

Planes, trains and automobiles (and boats, and ATVs, and…)

Transportation performance isn’t just about supercars and monster trucks. It’s about everyday fuel efficiency, safety and enjoyment.

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