Helping the working world work


From office buildings to schools and from cold storage to strip malls, BASF performance materials can help you meet and exceed the performance goals for your project.


Structural integrity and energy efficiency are maximized with insulation materials for roofs, walls and foundations that substantially exceed Code. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) offer increased strength and are used as roofs, walls and floors of light commercial buildings. Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) are used as facade or roofing elements in cold storage facilities, commercial and industrial buildings.


HVAC systems operate optimally at all times thanks to insulation and air barrier technologies that keep conditioned air inside the structure. Adhesives and sealants further contribute to airtight construction.


Spray-applied polyurethane foam roofing systems can be applied directly to the existing substrate in most retrofit applications without tear-off, providing one of the fastest and most cost-effective re-roofing options available. Combine them with polyurethane-based elastomeric reflective coatings and you help lower rooftop temperatures and reduce the urban heat island effect and smog.


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