Energy-efficient cold protection


In response to soaring energy prices and tighter energy efficiency regulations, BASF has developed energy-saving solutions for walk-in coolers—starting with the use of Elastopor® polyurethane rigid foam.


Product features


  • Provides very low lambda value in terms of thermal conductivity, matched by no other conventional insulant
  • Durable with good insulating properties
  • Good dimensional stability—used long-term over a temperature range of -30°c to +90°c
  • Withstand temperature up to 250°c for short periods with no adverse effects
  • Good fire resistance in conformance to international standards for building material classification and fire prevention including DIN 4102 Part 1 (B1 Class), GB 8624-1997 (B1 Grade), KSF 2271-1998 (Grade 3), FM 4880 Class 1)
  • Pre-fabricated panels enable rapid and efficient installation with problem-free toggle-joint systems
  • Given a wide range of colours, making them easier to match all colour in construction design

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