The world relies on infrastructure. Infrastructure relies on high performance materials.


Civilization relies upon its infrastructure. It has to perform over long periods of time. BASF high-performance materials excel in delivering structural solutions with enhanced strength and durability.


Cast and spray elastomers improve pipe corrosion and abrasion resistance.


On land, polyurethane's exceptional strength offers unique solutions in hurricane, seismic and tornado risk areas. Our innovative polyurethane coastal protection system reinforces the hydraulic gravel portions of levees and breakers, allowing them to withstand even extreme storm surges.


Polyurethane foams are used for enhanced structural and insulation purposes as well as erosion resistance. They install quickly and help bring essential systems and structures online quickly.


For deep-water applications, custom formulated rigid foams and unique glass sphere syntactic foam is capable of withstanding deep-sea ocean pressure and higher oil temperatures, while offering a very low K factor. Polyurethane elastomers for sub-sea pipe strakes provide flexibility, durability and increased insulation while resisting corrosion and abrasion.


Insulation for off-shore pipe insulation and floatation is completely mercury-free and provides excellent temperature and hydrolysis resistance with very low water absorption even at depths of 9,627 feet—the deepest sub-sea insulated flowline installed in the world to date.


BASF coatings, foams and elastomers are easily applied and have extremely fast cure times, making them ideal for pipe-laying ships as casting forms can be removed and the pipelines readied for submersion very quickly.


For roads, GEOFOAM® featuring rigid expandable polystyrene (EPS) provides a lightweight support for poor load-bearing subsoil, opening new pathways for transportation.


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