Technology that makes better homes for a better planet


BASF high-performance materials can help you build more efficiently with improved material performance that ultimately enhances energy efficiency, durability and reduces lifestyle cost.


Polyurethane is a unique construction technology for high performance building envelopes, because it combines high-insulation R-values with advanced air leakage control and even adds structural strength to roofs, walls and foundations. Homes are built stronger, are more comfortable and easier to maintain, deciding factors that appeal to homebuyers everywhere.


Structural integrity and energy efficiency is maximized with insulation materials for roofs, walls and foundations that substantially exceed Code. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) offer increased strength and are used as roofs, walls and floors of residential buildings. HVAC systems operate optimally at all times thanks to air barrier technologies that keep conditioned air inside the structure. Adhesives and sealants further contribute to airtight construction.


Homebuilders know that polyurethane can help them build a better, more marketable homeā€”one that is comfortable, energy efficient, quiet and durable, with improved indoor air quality and a lower total cost of ownership.