Contain the heat and save the energy


Water heating is the second-biggest consumer of energy in private households—after building comfort conditioning.


Demands on water heater and boiler manufacturers are great: develop products that offer better energy efficiency, while simultaneously improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process to stay cost competitive.


BASF systems deliver the quality, consistency and repeatability in the manufacturing process that manufacturers need. The systems are versatile, rigid insulation foams that combine design flexibility with outstanding insulation values and can speed up the production process.


Rigid foams meet the highest demands and broadest applications, allowing for the design and manufacture of innovative water heater products.


Thermal insulation for domestic refrigerators, freezers, water heaters and picnic coolers.
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Unmatched thermal conductivity levels by combining Elastocool® with Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIPs).
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Technical support that leads the industry


We provide solutions tailored to fit your requirements, optimized and adjusted in our appliance lab to match your needs. Specific processing conditions are simulated and optimized, with the final products tested, applying international standards and manufacturers' test procedures.