Making refrigeration cooler


High-performance polyurethanes and plastics have revolutionized modern refrigeration, making it more efficient and less expensive.


In most cases, high-strength, wear-resistant plastics can outperform metal in applications such as hinges, ice-maker parts, handles and other structural parts. Our plastics also offer enhanced surface appearance and excellent paintability.


Best insulation bar none


Polyurethanes have become the overwhelming leader in insulation for almost every refrigerator and freezer produced worldwide.


No wonder. Energy costs are soaring, new environmental and energy regulations demand ever increasing performance, and consumers are more attentive to energy costs and the environment than ever before. BASF is focused on providing refrigerator and freezer manufacturers with products and systems that improve performance and competitiveness, insulate better and process easily.


Rigid foam systems from BASF have been developed to meet the spectrum of design demands, while providing outstanding insulation and sealing solutions, maximizing space and efficiency.