Manufacturing versatility


BASF foam technology gives designers of specialty refrigeration units greater freedom of experimentation with different shapes.


From a sommelier's wine cellar to a customized ice machine, BASF polyurethane foams give manufacturers the capability to produce units that vary in size, have greater energy and thermal efficiencies and demonstrate less environmental impact.


Rigid foam systems from BASF have been developed to meet the spectrum of design demands, while providing outstanding insulation and sealing solutions, maximizing space and efficiency.


To improve the structural performance of components found on these appliances—such as handles, wheels and hinges—BASF engineering plastics offer a better balance of mechanical properties compared to other commonly used materials, such as toughness and stiffness, resulting in a more durable and sustainable solution.


Product offerings include:


Thermal insulation for domestic refrigerators, freezers, water heaters and picnic coolers.
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Unmatched thermal conductivity levels by combining Elastocool® with Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIPs).
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Complete package of manufacturing flexibility that contains a pre-blended, process friendly, pressurized foam system.
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