High-tech materials for a high-tech world


Smaller, more complex parts are becoming typical of the high demands imposed on the materials used in game consoles, computers, phones and other electronics.


They have to be dimensionally stable, impact- and scratch-resistant. They must also have antistatic properties and give problem-free processing to mass-produce parts that are visually attractive.


For manufacturers in the electronics sector, BASF provides a range of plastics to meet every requirement.


Ultradur® has excellent electrical and thermal long-term performance and can withstand high mechanical loads. Its excellent dimensional stability means that the functioning of filigree component assemblies can be relied upon whatever their environment. Additionally, there are grades of Ultradur that can be marked by laser inscription—a process frequently used for identification marking of electronic components.


Ultrason® is an extremely versatile thermoplastic. In addition to outstanding thermal properties it has low creep, even at high temperatures, good flame retardancy, excellent insulation properties and high dielectric strength. Ultrason's high stiffness, strength and dimensional stability permit its use in engineering parts requiring tight tolerances. This material can be an effective substitute for metals, ceramics, glass or thermosetting plastics.


The Petra® family of injection molding resins offers a balance of engineering properties, combined with high-temperature performance, chemical resistance, good electrical properties and ease of processing. Glass-reinforced, flame-retardant Petra resins provide excellent stiffness and strength in complex and thin molded parts. Petra PET is a cost-effective replacement for thermosets and helps address several performance, environmental and color-quality issues. Our FR grades employ flame retardants without halogenated dioxins or furanes.



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