Pull up an office chair. Chances are BASF helped make it.


Put our unique surface-enhanced, high-fatigue-strength engineered plastic resins to work for your business. BASF resins encourage and enable better furniture designs with improved toughness, flexural modulus, impact strength, fatigue, wear and abrasion resistance.


Apply high-strength engineered resins where previously only higher cost and heavier die-cast or metal parts were used.


There are many examples of our materials' successful use in office furniture and seating:


  • Integrated one-piece chair back and seats
  • Separate chair backs or seats offering high strength and great surface qualities
  • Static and adjustable arm supports
  • Strong chair bases
  • Seat adjusters
  • Miscellaneous components: chair rollers, bearings, plugs, gears and lug brackets
  • Lightweight, strong wall panels and work surfaces
  • Acoustic-dampening resin materials
  • Paper management systems
  • Keyboard trays