A touch of luxury


There's a reason pillows, mattresses and mattress topper pads made with BASF chemistry are found in hotels and spas all over the world. Formed to any shape and size, and customized for desired softness or firmness, our foams provide the ultimate rest for the weary.


CosyPUR®, for example, is a polyurethane mold flexible foam with specifically adjustable product properties enabled by its cell morphology. Depending upon the individual requirements, the consistency of this viscoelastic foam can be finely adjusted. Soft or firm, flexible or slow—everything is possible with this intelligent material. Molded parts used in orthopedics particularly benefit from its versatility.


Conventional foams offer superior load bearing properties. They cover a wide range of processing characteristics and formulas, and satisfy all demands of cushioning products. Molded foams are generally used as seating cushions, particularly automotive seating. High-Resilient (HR) foams improve the comfort and durability of bedding. With a narrow spread in cross section density, they allow production of a wide range of foams with high resiliency and support factors, and can also be made flame resistant.


Pluralux™ foam outperforms latex foam in a number of critical areas. It offers excellent support, is more durable, more resilient, and offers better tear resistance and flame resistance.


Micro-Springs™ Technology (millions of micro-cellular, polymer springs) offers better pressure distribution, low hysteresis loss and improved comfort over conventional metal springs. In fact, Micro-Springs Technology distributes pressure more effectively than eight-way hand-tied springs. Other benefits include design flexibility, faster construction cycles and reduced labor costs.


Pluracel™ Memory Foam is created using state-of-the-art, slow recovery foam technology that provides superior comfort by reducing pressure and cradling the body. It is functional in a broad temperature range, absorbs more vibrations and provides enhanced noise absorption. No flame-retardant is required.


Elastofoam® is the visco-elastic and super-soft molded flexible foam system. Used for pillows and coverings for mattresses, Elastofoam adjusts perfectly to the shape of a person's body, providing superior support and positive bounce back.


Basotect® UF thermoset foam is also suitable for cushioning mattresses. Since Basotect is very fire-resistant, it is compliant with the stringent safety regulations that American consumer-protection authorities have introduced to mattresses in the last few years. The higher elasticity of this material goes hand in hand with greater processing and design freedom than ever before.