Convenience for an on-the-go lifestyle


Today's busy lifestyle is driving consumer trends for convenience and freshness. Packaging innovations such as stand-up pouches, single-serve and ready-to-eat meals make it critical that your package protects and preserves the product.


When you require freshness, optics, and strength, you can rely on Ultramid® nylons.


Ultramid nylons combine puncture resistance and thermoformability with very good barrier properties. Unlike other polymers that offer benefits in either strength or barrier, nylon does both. BASF is the only major resin supplier to produce PA 6, PA 66, and PA 6/66. One material, one supplier, multiple benefits.


Styropor® EPS is the ultimate material for packaging. It is versatile enough to be customized to fit the smallest electronic component or the largest refrigerator freezer but durable enough not to be affected by moisture or heat. It provides excellent shock absorption and outstanding compressive resistance while at the same time its composition is 2% matter and 98% air.


Although lightweight, Styropor EPS's exceptional product protection can mean less shipping damage and lower shipping and distribution costs. A tough packaging material, Styropor EPS can be designed to support more than a thousand times its weight. Its exceptional thermal insulating properties keeps food, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive items fresh and protected during transportation and storage. Its relatively smooth surface makes an excellent base for attractive printing and labeling for use in advertising and marketing displays. Styropor expandable polystyrene is reprocessable and recyclable, both in molding operations and after use.



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