Engine components that work as hard as you do


Outdoor power equipment and their engines have to live and work under extreme conditions. BASF's high strength, durable Ultramid® nylon materials can be used to replace metal, reducing parts and assembly operations.


Our application engineers have a wealth of experience in converting die cast and stamped parts into engineering thermoplastics. The result is lower cost, lighter weight parts that maintain the look and durability you demand. Our excellent color matching capabilities allow you to eliminate painting while delivering the custom colors that identify your brand, all without the use of heavy metal pigments.


Engine applications

You can find Ultramid® nylon molded into the housings and engine components of some of the world's best-known brands of outdoor power equipment. Ultramid nylon materials provide resistance to chemicals, high heat, as well as excellent cold-temperature impact down to - 40° C/F.


BASF delivers these benefits in variety of outdoor power equipment components including engine covers, chassis, carburetors, camshafts/gears, cooling fans, starter pulleys, intake manifolds, inlet screens, air cleaner housings, fuel tanks, and oil caps and fill tubes.


Ultradur® is another very rigid and impact-resistant plastic, able to withstand continuous vibration and oscillating loads over long periods. This plastic can also be molded into combined housing parts—enclosing both the electric motor and the gear—reducing production time and costs.


BASF has developed—and actively continues to improve—new low permeation materials to help outdoor power equipment makers meet the challenges of the new CARB and EPA evaporative emissions requirements.