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BASF polyurethane solutions and applications in the aerospace industry serve the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) market segments with coatings that protect aircraft components from corrosion, wear, erosion and oxidization.


Common aerospace applications include flaptracks, actuators and landing gear. In addition, the skin of aircraft is coated with polyurethanes to provide protection, resist damage and guard against extreme changes in temperature in short spaces of time—like the heat of the airport tarmac to the freezing temperatures found at 40,000 feet.


Aerospace materials for cabin interiors must promote passenger's safety, comfort and wellbeing. Our high-performance aircraft cabin materials offer high strength, lightweight and space saving solutions with exceptional fire and smoke characteristics. We also provide technology to reduce ozone and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in cabin air environments. High Temperature Thermoplastics Ultrason® E and Ultrason® P provide durable, impact and fire resistant performance for airplane interiors.


Another interesting BASF product for aerospace is Basotect® foam. In addition to insulating cabins for sound absorption, it's used in the payload fairing at the top of the rocket in order to protect the sensitive satellites against the high sound pressure to which the launcher is exposed during lift-off. The decisive factors for the use of this thermoset material include three of its properties: this lightweight foam (9 g/l) has a high sound-absorbing capacity and its low density makes it very flexible.