Softness for the hot seat


BASF polyurethanes are the perfect choice of material for an all-action vehicle. More flexible and versatile than ever, molded into any size, shape and level of softness or hardness needed. They can be made light and durable, yet retain their shape no matter what beating is handed out.


BASF Elastoflex® flexible foams, combined with Elastoskin® polyurethane coverings and the Elastofoam® integral skin system can be found in seating for many of today's snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles because of their durability and UV and water resistance. They also give designers the flexibility to create a wider range of grain, texture and color surfaces, all using a single, in-mold process. BASF foams help keep passengers more comfortable for the long and short haul. They can be customized to create virtually any level of softness or firmness required, while meeting many standards without the need for additional flame retardants.


BASF urethane composites add strength while reducing weight in all kinds of ATV components. This includes better impact resistance, similar heat deflection temperature (HDT) and 25% less weight than parts made of vinyl esters or polyesters.


BASF composites also offer molding efficiencies, reduce emissions during molding and eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


One- and two-component adhesive formulations deliver excellent adhesion to even hard-to-hold substrates and other materials. They're also fast-curing and can be made thixotropic—the ability to change from a fluid to a gel and back again.


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