Proven performance for electrical and electronics


Parts that are smaller and more complex and offer steadily increasing functionality are typical of the high demands imposed on the high-performance materials used in electrical engineering and electronics.


They have to be dimensionally stable, weatherable, impact-resistant and scratch-resistant, have antistatic properties and give problem-free processing to enhance aesthetics. Users in these sectors can choose from a range of plastics from the BASF product line to meet every requirement.


Perfect control of an innovative transmission


Greater shifting comfort and lower fuel consumption: an innovative mechatronic twin-clutch transmission makes this possible. The control unit plays a key role. Because its main components are made of Ultradur®, it is small, lightweight, reliable, and can operate in hot transmission oil.


Electronics have to be protected. Heat must not be allowed to deform the sensors. Ultradur retains its shape even under the extreme conditions in the gearbox. Interfaces are eliminated because the wiring is less complicated and fewer cables and plugs are required.


Making complex plastic component production even more economical


Ultradur® High Speed makes it possible to produce complex plastic components faster and with greater precision, while reducing the number of rejects. And that saves energy and keeps costs down. This innovative plastic flows 50% better than comparable conventional plastics used in injection molding processes. Use it to make mountings, housings, filigree plugs and functional parts of electronic components, housings for locking systems, door handles, windshield wiper arms, headlamp structures, mirror systems, connective elements, and much more.


Flat cables for tomorrow's automotive electronic systems


With an Elastollan® coating, flat cables can even be integrated into headliners. Lighter than conventional round cables, more flexible in application, more space-efficient, and safer. These are the properties of flat cables with a sheathing made of Elastollan. Increase the performance, comfort, and safety of every new car model's electric and electronic components.



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