Less scrap, lower weight


BASF Ultramid® (polyamide) is an injection moldable material grade that offers enhanced molding appearance for paint applications, excellent cosmetics, superior strength and rigidity as well as improved flow for processing.


Ultramid® (polyamide) GIT grades have shown to reduce paint defects and scrap rates that result in improved productivity for the customer producing exterior door handles.


Ultraform® (polyoxymethylene) provides the stiffness and lubricity needed for window lifter plates and door latches.


Ultradur® (polybutylene terephthalate) fulfills the demands of window regulators, latch mechanisms and door chassis components. Ultradur® S products provide a weight savings and less warpage than traditional standard PBTs. A new generation of Ultradur® has been developed that leverages the benefits of Ultradur® (S) type product with slightly higher performance.


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