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BASF polyurethanes are employed by heavy duty truck manufacturers to improve the comfort, strength and durability of their trucks so they can be on the road for longer periods, carry more freight, and look and feel better from the inside. Most importantly, the needs of the driver are paramount, and comfort and control are enhanced by using polyurethane materials.




Truckers spend long hours on the road, and it's important to create an interior that is supremely comfortable and durable. Elastoflex® flexible foam combined with Elastoskin®, gives a realistic, soft-to-the-touch feel to doors and instrument panels. Utilizing the amazingly versatile properties of both systems, manufactures can produce multiple colors and tones, innovative in-mold features and a luxury look at a value-added price.

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Elastoflex® acoustic foams minimize road and engine noise, creating a comfortable working environment for the driver. Additionally, BASF adhesives provide exceptional bonding to a wide variety of substrates—including BASF polyurethanes like Elastoflex—used in heavy-duty truck cabins.

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For a firm and secure grip that is comfortable for miles on end, big rig steering wheels are made with Elastofoam® integral skin.


Elastoflex sound deadening carpet underlay keeps road noises from penetrating the cockpit.




Long distance professional drivers need seats and bedding that are comfortable and durable, as well as supportive to reduce ergonomic strain. Elastoflex provides exceptional support and resiliency, so it's as comfortable on the first mile as it is on the last. The sleeping cabin is the driver's home on the road and has to be comfortable, attractive and secure.


BASF polyurethane composites incorporated into the walls ensures sleeper cabins are well insulated from weather and noise. Incorporating Elastoskin plus Elastoflex provides truck designers with the flexibility to create warm, comfortable and durable cabin walls in almost any color, grain or texture using a single, in-mold process.


Engine compartments


Elastoflex acoustic foam isolates and minimizes engine noise.