Comfort. Ergonomics. Safety.


BASF high-performance materials are used to combine comfort, ergonomics, safety, weight and toughness in every element of automotive seating—from the base to the headrest.


These materials include engineering thermoplastics such as Ultramid® (PA) for seat pans and backrests; thermoplastic polyurethanes such as Elastollan® for covers; Ultraform® (POM) for functional parts having special sliding properties; and foams based on aromatic polyurethane (Elastoflex® W) for upholstery.


Our continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics are easy to form and allow design freedom for increased seating comfort, while reducing the profile of the seat back. BASF's polyurethane microcellular foams replace many traditional rubber based products to offer weight as well as part complexity savings.