Making powertrains more powerful


Since the creation of the world's first plastic manifold for Porsche in 1972, BASF has been making plastic manifold designs better and pioneering new automotive plastics technologies.


BASF plastics can be found in almost every part of the automotive manufacturing process from the engine block to the cooling and ventilation systems, transmissions and front-end modules.


Daimler, for example, is converting from metal to plastic in a very high-temperature powertrain application in the 2.1-liter I-4 turbo diesel engines of some Mercedes-Benz GLK crossover models.


A heat shield, traditionally made from rolled aluminum, is now made of heat-aging resistant Ultramid® Endure, which withstands a continuous service temperature of 220°C and peak temperatures of 240°C. Special stabilization technology creates a protective surface layer on the plastic.


Use of plastic cuts weight of the part by 50% and improves corrosion resistance. Improved design flexibility is also an important advantage of injection molded plastics versus metal.