Solutions for fixing Vaccum Insulated Panels


A cooler future with Balindur™

Balindur™ is a novel, highly innovative solution for fixing panels.


With rising standards of energy efficiency, refrigerators and freezers need increasingly better insulation. This is why high-performance vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) were created. The only challenge with VIPs is bonding them onto uneven surfaces. Adhesive tapes cannot cope with 3D shapes of door liners.


To solve this problem, and to help VIPs become even more efficient, BASF created Balindur.


VIP-Fixation Balindur™ improves insulation

Balindur is a rigid polyurethane foam system that not only bonds VIPs efficiently, but also fills cavities between VIPs and uneven liners. VIP panels can thus be attached with ease to the side walls and particularly to the inliner of the fridge door.


Balindur also stops the VIPs from becoming visible on the outer wall and prevents delamination.



    Improves energy efficiency up to 4 per cent
    Evens out profiled 3D surfaces
    Elastic as well as water and tear-resistant
    Results in durable long lasting finished parts
    Makes VIPs invisible from the outside
    Allows high degree of automation
    Gives freedom of design
    Bonds VIPs perfectly



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