Open-cell foam


Basotect® is a flexible, open cell foam made from melamine resin, a thermoset polymer. The outstanding properties of Basotect are its high sound-absorption capacity, flame-retardant characteristics, high-temperature resistance, low weight and thermal insulation. Basotect is used in a variety of applications and industries due to its excellent properties. Basotect can be installed quickly and simply since it is lightweight and free of mineral fibers.


Basotect® in construction and industrial applications

Basotect®’s high sound absorption capacity and safe fire characteristics make Basotect ideal for use as sound insulation in buildings. Decoratively designed acoustic panels, suspended baffles and metal ceiling panels backed with Basotect significantly and measurably improve the acoustics. At the same time, Basotect paneling opens up interesting design options.


Basotect® in transportation

Basotect® can ideally fulfill the rising demand for soundproofing in automotive construction. Thanks to Basotect’s open-cell, fine structure, the sound absorption values are very good. Even when exacting demands are made of the sound absorption at low frequencies, the sound absorption capacity of Basotect can be enhanced by acoustically effective laminates. Basotect is thermoformed with felt, fabrics, metal foil and plastic film to form contour-fitting parts that are then used as sound insulators and mufflers, or as heat shields.

The excellent acoustic properties, safe fire characteristics and low weight of Basotect® also make them ideal for use in rail vehicles, ship building, aircraft construction and even aerospace.


Basotect® in consumer applications

The outstanding properties of Basotect® V 3012 and W make it ideal for use in consumer applications. Its good cleaning action and fine structure are clear advantages for the customer.