Polyurethane casting system


The new COLO-Fast® polyurethane casting system offers quick, economical and secure framing of photovoltaic and solar panels. The UV-stable PU system is able to replace the aluminum frames normally used in the past and opens up a variety of frame design opportunities for customers.


The PU casting system is poured directly onto the solar cells in a process known as reaction injection molding (RIM process). Here, the solar cells and solar panels are placed into a closed mold and COLO-Fast is injected through a mixing head. After a reaction time of just 30 seconds the framed panel can be removed and used immediately.


Apart from the greater design freedom for solar and photovoltaic modules, COLO-Fast provides faster production times, better edge protection, extreme resistance to weathering and high UV resistance. Consequently, very flexible shapes can be cast, different shades of color achieved and – according to the customer’s particular requirements – light, thinner or thicker frames produced.