Elastoflex® W

Soft foam system


Elastoflex® W is a soft foam system derived from MDI, TDI and/or their mixture in tailor-made formulations with densities from 30 to 80 kg/m³ according to customer specifications.


Elastoflex flexible PU foams are lightweight and resilient. Because of their open-celled structure, they have good air permeability. These properties make them excellent cushioning materials for the furniture and automotive industries. Contributing to fatigue-free and enjoyable driving, ergonomically designed seat and arm rest components can be produced as multi-zone foams using PU foams of different rigidities in just one processing step.



    Efficient and economic
    Seats, arm rests and back rests in different rigidities can be made from one system using the same equipment
    Inserted lining fabric can be foamed directly (for office chairs)
    Upholstery cores can be foamed in


Noise absorption - Acoustic foams


Both Elastoflex® W-based elastic foams for airborne noise and viscoelastic or high-insulation foams for structure-borne noise insulation comply with all acoustic requirements. Carpeting can be foam backed entirely or partially. Just like engine encapsulation, dash cowl claddings or encapsulation of electronic components. Not only does polyurethane foam have excellent absorption characteristics, it also guarantees minimal resilience loss and an optimal microclimate.


Fire resistance


The flame-proof seating foams used for railways and aviation comply with all customary fire protection standards.


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