Elastolit® K (Compact Rigid Systems)


Along with Elastolit D, Elastolit K is the integral rigid foam and compact duromer system. Boasting a wide variety of properties, these polyurethane systems constitute high-quality, economic alternatives to classic construction materials such as wood and metal or thermosetting materials and engineering thermoplastics.


Elastolit K is a micro-cellular almost solid material characterized by economic processability. Large-format parts with long flow paths and wall thicknesses of preferably 3 to 6 mm can be produced with high inherent stiffness and good strength.


Filigree part geometries as with thermoplastic materials are possible thanks to the viscoplastic properties of Elastolit K and molded parts can also be produced complete with snap-in connectors.


This material is also attractive for medium-sized lots, as low-cost aluminum molds can be used and cycle times are short. On request ElastolitK can be supplied as an easy mold-release and flame-proof grade complying with a variety of standards (UL 94, DIN 5510).