Elastopan® S Feel Wood

Polyurethane foam for footwear systems


Elastopan®S Feel Wood is an environmentally sustainable, water-blown shoe system manufactured using a new combination of raw materials.


These soles are produced in a closed mold, like other shoe systems. The wood grain effect is applied to the sole via the mold, producing the typical wood feel. Soles are then varnished to accentuate the special wood grain appearance.


The surface structure of the sole is very easy to process and refine and polyurethane is simple to dye. Colour tone, nuances, special colour effects and other motifs are simple to achieve. High-grade cherry wood, beech effect or other finishes are easy to replicate and the system offers excellent adherence to other materials—particularly varnish.



    Toughness comparable to wood
    Good adherence to surface varnish
    Wood grain effect via the mold
    Easy processability of the sole surface structure