Lupranate® Core PMDI Product Line


Polymeric-MDI (PMDI) is a brown, temperature-stable liquid. PMDI contains a mixture of polyaromatic isocyanates including 2-ring (MMDI), 3-ring, and higher species. As the amount of 3-ring and higher species increases, the functionality and viscosity of the PMDI also increase.


Polymeric MDI (PMDI)

Products Description Appearance % NCO Nominal Funct. Viscosity cps @ 77°F Storage Temp. (°F) Attributes and Applications MSDS
Lupranate M10 Low Funct. Polymeric Light brown liquid 31.7 2.2 60 77-86 Core polymeric MDI for adhesives and binders, also foams and cast systems MSDS
Lupranate R2500U Polymeric MDI Variant Brown liquid 31.5 2.7 190 68-86 PMDI with carefully controlled reactivity and isomer ratio MSDS
Lupranate M20S Mid-Functionality Polymeric Light brown liquid 31.5 2.7 200 59-95 Industry standard: cast elastomers, binders, rigid foams, and spray systems with cost effective, highly functional formulations. MSDS
Lupranate M20FB Mid-Functionality Polymeric Dark brown liquid 31.5 2.7 200 59-95 PMDI for wood binder applications MSDS
Lupranate M70L High-Functionality Polymeric Dark brown liquid 31.0 3.0 700 59-86 Higher functional PMDI for rigid foam applications MSDS
Lupranate M200 High-Functionality Polymeric Dark brown liquid 30.0 3.1 2000 59-95 Higher functional PMDI for polyisocyanurate rigid foam applications MSDS


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