Lupranate® Monomeric MDI Product Line


Monomeric MDI (MMDI) refers to the 4,4’- and 2,4’-isomers of diphenylmethane diisocyanate. Pure 4,4’-MDI is a crystalline solid at room temperature. BASF sells frozen drums of 4,4’-MDI as Lupranate M and MS isocyanates. Above 45°C, pure 4,4’-MDI can be shipped and kept as a liquid for up to fifteen days. By blending 50% 2,4’-MDI into the 4,4’-MDI, the resulting mixture is a liquid at room temperature. Several variations in isomer distribution and stabilizer package are available in the MMDI product line.


Pure MDI and Pure MDI Derivatives

Products Description Appearance % NCO Nominal Funct. Viscosity cps @ 77°F Storage Temp. (°F) Attributes and Applications MSDS
Lupranate M 4,4\' MDI Solid 33.5 2.0 solid /  liquid <32 or 113 Prepolymers, TPU, all PU Elastomers, Oligomer Development MSDS
Lupranate MS 4,4\' MDI Solid 33.5 2.0 solid / liquid <32 or 113 Same as LUPRANATE M w/ extra color protection MSDS
Lupranate MI 2,4\' and 4,4\' MDI Blend Liquid 33.5 2.0 15 73-86 Prepolymers, Adhesives, all CASE Applications MSDS
Lupranate LP30 Liquid Pure 4,4\' MDI Light yellow liquid 33.1 2.0 15 86-95 Better handling and shelf-life in most pure 4,4\'-MDI applications MSDS
Lupranate 227 Monomeric/Modified MDI Blend Light yellow liquid 32.1 2.0 15 68-95 %NCO near pure 4,4\' MDI with good stability, most CASE applicn\'s MSDS


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