Neopor® EPS Plastic Foams


BASF Neopor® is a unique and patented material used, in its final form, as ‘rigid thermal insulation’ in the construction and packaging industries. The material attributes a distinctive silver-gray color to high-purity graphite contained within the polymer matrix of the rigid foam. The graphite particles both reflect and absorb radiant energy, thereby increasing the materials insulation capacity, or R-value, while retaining all of the performance benefits inherently found in standard EPS rigid foam. That is why Neopor rigid thermal insulation panels are up to 20% thinner than panels made of white EPS foam.


Producing thinner panels consumers fewer resources, reduces transportation energy usage and translates to lower construction and installation costs. In fact, Neopor rigid thermal insulation adds value all along the value chain — from factory floor to construction site.


Neopor Features at a Glance


Stay warm...or cool. Neopor has a long-term stable R-value ranging from 4.5 — 4.7 per inch at 75F.


Breathe easy. Neopor is GreenGuard certified for Indoor Air Quality in the United States.


Keep mold at bay. Neopor Rigid Thermal Insulation is Class III Vapor Permeable.


Build effortlessly. Neopor Rigid Thermal Insulation is adaptable in size, thickness, shape and density — from 1/8" thick to 48" thick and can be wire-cut to specification in intricate profiles at the factory.


Build Cost-Effectively. Neopor is a cost effective insulation — for the contractor and for the building owner.


Rest assured that it’s Neopor. The Neopor Ingredient Brand is your guarantee that it’s NEOPOR inside the wall.


Neopor® Rigid Thermal Insulation is today’s cost-effective ‘Meet Code’ insulation solution for architects, contractors and building owners.


Neopor® is an Ingredient Brand


Neopor is quite adaptable and finds use in many building products as an Ingredient Branded thermal insulation. From rigid panels to doors to window frames, from pharmaceutical coolers to Structural Insulated Panels to continuous insulation in the BASF Wall Systems Senergy Platinum EIFS system...Neopor is a preferred choice for keeping building residents comfortable.


In the US and Canada, Neopor rigid thermal insulation (foam) is produced solely under Brand Marketing Agreement by customers of BASF Canada and BASF Corporation, respectively, who convert NEOPOR EPS (the raw material) to Neopor foam (rigid thermal insulation). The program requires foam producers to adhere to guidelines for three core elements: foam quality, use of the Neopor trademark as an Ingredient Brand and claims about the performance of Neopor thermal insulation.


When you see the Neopor trademark, you can rest assured the insulation is BASF NEOPOR Rigid Thermal Insulation.


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'Ready to Buy' finished products


Are you looking for a specific building product, construction method or insulation product? Maybe a new entry door, or window or rigid foam boards? Maybe you'd like to learn about Neopor in ICF’s or SIPs or as Continuous Insulation?

    Use our 'Where to Buy' tool at our Neopor Finished Products site for the US and Canada —
    Visit our Neopor Finished Products site for the US and Canada —


Your next construction project Are you an architect? Or, are you looking to specify high-performance, cost-effective insulation?


As 'rigid foam' for your company's new product


Does your company manufacture building products? Would you like to learn more about how a Neopor Ingredient Brand can help you reach your business objectives...earlier? Are you interested in learning how Neopor can increase the thermal insulation power of your systems?


As 'raw material' for conversion


Does your company convert raw materials to rigid thermal insulation? Would you like to learn more about the expanded product portfolio of raw materials and how they can help you earn more and increase customer satisfaction? Interested in leveraging the recognition of the BASF brand and the power of the Neopor Ingredient Brand in your insulation products?