Pluracel Foam

Polyurethane foam


Pluracelfoam represents state-of-the-art slow recovery foam technology targeted at the luxury bedding and specialty cushioning segments. BASF helps make the processing easier and dial-in target properties in the manufacturing of viscoelastic foams.


Made from Pluracol®materials, its slab formulation technology produces variable recovery rate urethane flexible foam. This material is designed to reduce pressure and cradle the body, providing superior comfort qualities. Pluracel foam can be easily varied to provide property and "feel" characteristics to meet a wide range of applications. Pluracel foam buns also cure quickly and do not need crushing.


BASF uses Dynamic Mechanical Analysis to target the properties and features of Pluracel foam. With this tool, Pluracel foam formulations can be adjusted to move the glass transition temperature, as well as target a specific temperature range for visco-elasticity. In addition, we analyze the height and breadth of the curve as a means of targeting recovery rates and pressure relief qualities.