Pluracol® BALANCE



Pluracol® BALANCE bio-polyols are high-performance, non-food based natural alternatives to replace petroleum-based polyols in flexible foam applications. The resulting foams provide excellent quality and performance with reduced environmental impact.


BALANCE 50 polyol can be used in furniture and bedding applications. Its compatibility with existing equipment and processes simplifies conversion with a minimum of training, modification or production delay.


BALANCE 50 polyol contains 31 weight percent renewable content and can be used as 100 percent replacement of petroleum-based polyol to produce foams with up to 20 weight percent renewable content. Its use complies with the United Nations’ recommendations for sustainable production of bio-fuels and bio-materials from non-food plants.


Third-party-validated eco-efficiency studies have shown that, compared to petroleum-based polyols, the production and processing of BALANCE materials involves lower energy consumption and a 25 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the production of BALANCE polyols can lead to 49 percent less solid waste and a 20 percent reduction in ozone emissions.


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