Pluracol® Graft Polyols



The Pluracol® 4600 and 4800 series are graft polyether polyols that contain dispersed particles of co-polymerized styrene and acrylonitrile. In the urethane industry, the term graft polyol is synonymous with copolymer polyol. The high-solids Pluracol® 4600 series of graft polyols maximize the load bearing properties of flexible slabstock products such as furniture seating, carpet cushions, and protective packaging. The slab foam graft polyols are often formulated with low volatile inhibitor packages. The Pluracol® 4800 series of graft polyols are designed to meet the specifications for automotive seating. The Pluracol® 4800 graft polyols are commonly blended with BASF’s full line of conventional molded polyols to make high load bearing flexible foams.


Graft Slab Polyols

Products Foam Category OH No. (avg.) % Solids Viscosity cps @ 25C EO cap Acid No. (max.) MSDS
Pluracol 1365 (Graft) Thermo-formable 69 50 3750 None 0.01 MSDS
Pluracol 4600 (Graft) Slab 30 44 4000 None 0.01 MSDS
Pluracol 4815 (Graft) Molded 26 15 1820 Yes 0.015 MSDS
Pluracol 4830 (Graft) Molded 26 30 2950 Yes 0.015 MSDS
Pluracol 4800 (Graft) Molded 20 45 2950 Yes 0.015 MSDS


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