Pluracol® HR



Pluracol® HR polyols by BASF are typically used to produce the most comfortable and durable cushioning for furniture and bedding applications. Pluracol® Graft HR polyols are polyether polyols containing co-polymerized styrene and acrylonitrile, which are filtered to allow for efficient processing through a wide range of equipment. Foams produced from these polyols can be made to pass California Technical Bulletin 117* smoldering and open flame tests.


Pluracol® Slab HR polyols produce foam with a narrow spread in cross section density. They exhibit a broad processing latitude enabling production of a wide variety of foams with high resilient and support factors. Pluracol® HR polyols yield foams with superior tensile, tear and elongation properties, while utilizing Low Volatile Inhibitor scorch protection.


Pluracol® HR polyols help make flexible foam cushioning more comfortable and last longer.


Products Nom. Func. OH No. (avg.) Viscosity cps@25ºC Acid No. (max.) %Solids MSDS
Pluracol 2100 3 25.0 6500 1370 0.015 MSDS
Pluracol 4800 3 20 2950 0.015 45 MSDS
Pluracol 4830 3 25 2950 0.015 30 MSDS
Pluracol 4850 3 25 2950 0.015 30 (highly filtered) MSDS


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