Polyurethane foam


Pluraluxopen-cell foam cushion is an innovative high-performance material that offers mattress makers significant advantages over other foam materials used in mattress manufacturing.


Pluralux foam can be used in both core or topper applications, and it is ideally suited for a mattress's cushion layer, by which the overall comfort of a mattress is usually judged. It helps to relieve pressure by conforming to body contours, but it remains resilient and—unlike many other materials—resists forming a body impression over time.


The firmness of Pluralux foam can be varied in production to meet a wide range of requirements, and Pluralux foam mattresses can be made in one, three or five zone pads—without the seams common in latex-foam zone systems. Each zone pad is designed to provide optimum support and comfort for a different part of the body.


Pluralux foam is easy to fabricate and convolute, and it does not require new equipment. Its high-support value and broad firmness range means that mattresses need fewer layers, which simplifies assembly, and it meets a higher flammability standard than latex foam.