Sandwich Plate System

by Intelligent Engineering


BASF is pleased to feature the Sandwich Plate System (SPS) from our partners at Intelligent Engineering. SPS uses BASF performance materials products to produce a lightweight structural composite panel suitable for heavy engineering applications such as bridge decks, building floors, stadia grandstands, maritime applications and other industrial uses.


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SPS awarded AASHTO Innovation Initiative, based on nomination by John Holt, P.E., TxDOT


About SPS

Fast, Smart, Economical

75% lighter and 80% thinner than concrete for similar applications


SPS is a composite material comprising of two metal faceplates bonded with a polyurethane elastomer core, which transfers shear between each faceplate, eliminating the need for stiffeners while preventing local faceplate buckling. The thicknesses of the composite elements are tailored to meet the needs of each application.


SPS is an excellent alternative to both stiffened steel and reinforced concrete and delivers high stiffness to weight ratio, simpler fabrication, improved performance and increased safety. Structures incorporating SPS can be designed and produced using industry standard techniques.



Benefits of SPS: Simplicity

Stadium terrace seating with SPS


Installation and Schedule

  • SPS is lightweight, permits lighter supporting steel framing members, and is easy to install using light-duty hydraulic cranes
  • Fast bolted installation allows quicker access to site for follow-on trades



  • SPS is architecturally pleasing with a coated finish available in virtually any color
  • Cleaner looking structures because of fewer framing members


Performance and Features

  • SPS panels feel and have vibration characteristics equal to concrete


Construction Site

  • Substantial reduction in trucks delivering materials to site, significantly reducing traffic congestion, safety risk, noise, and air pollution.


San Jose Earthquakes Avaya Stadium Time-Lapse


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Sandwich Plate System Use in Texas

View this powerpoint to learn about how sandwich plate systems are used in Texas.

SPS in Texas


SPS in Texas