BASF is expanding its activities in the field of engineering plastics with a new approach: It is called Ultracom™ and comprises a system consisting of three elements:

Continuous fiber-reinforced semi-finished products – new portfolio
The Ultracom™ system is based on the following semi-finished products:

  • Ultralaminate™: laminates made of woven glass fiber fabrics, impregnated with Ultramid®, the polyamide (PA) from BASF
  • Ultratape™: unidirectional, reinforced glass or carbon fiber tapes, impregnated with Ultramid®


Overmolding materials – tailor-made plastics

Essential elements of the Ultracom™ system are the overmolding materials from the Ultramid® range that have been individually matched to the semi-finished products. With these compounds, complex parts can be injection molded. These show a very high mechanical reinforcement with continuous fibers at precisely defined points and
can incorporate specific functions because of the overmolding.

Engineering support – essential element
The Ultracom™ engineering support is of great importance to part developers of composite components. It covers an extensive range of services offered by the BASF application development. This includes:

  • support for part designs using BASF’s universal simulation tool Ultrasim®
  • know-how in material processing and manufacturing of parts. This includes an injection molding pilot plant for near-large scale production and an automated laminate feeding as well as a sophisticated test part
  • the numerous possibilities of the BASF parts testing laboratory which specializes in fiber composites