Ultramid® A3Z HP UV

High impact modified nylon 66 with 30-50% higher flow


The new Ultramid® A3Z HP UV (High Productivity) Impact Modified Nylon 66 (Polyamide 66) line, has a 30-50% flow improvement over existing impact modified Ultramid® nylon 66 grades. This improvement in flow allows for a faster mold fill with thinner sections over longer distances. Ultramid® A3Z HP UV Nylon 66 offers both outstanding flow and high impact properties. Ultramid® A3Z available in black and in uncolored if color matching is required.


The application possibilities are endless with this new product line. Potential industrial application areas include: safety equipment, fasteners, fuel tanks, furniture & hardware parts and sporting goods. Additionally, these products can be considered for automotive components such as gas caps, straps, clamps & cables, trim clips, starter coil forms and transmission cables. The flow is so impressive that this product has the ability to fill automotive roof rack rails!


Ultramid® A3Z HP UV also provides excellent weatherability and resistance to sunlight, exhibiting minimal color shifts. Potential applications include: Exterior decorative and functional accessories, including running board end caps, roof rack stanchions, base covers, side rails, and levers.


Benefits of Ultramid® A3Z HP UV:


    Minimal loss in properties and color shift after exposure to UV light
    Available in black and uncolored for color concentrate addition
    Up to 50% flow improvement over existing impact modified Ultramid® offerings - Example of demonstrated performance: ability to fill automotive roof rack rails
    Fills molds with thinner sections over longer distances
    High impact at low temperature
    Excellent creep resistance (torque retention) characteristics
    Ability to weld (ie. vibration welding)
    Improved surface appearance




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