Closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation


The premium WALLTITE® spray-applied polyurethane foam insulating air barrier system helps to provide maximum energy efficiency, durability and occupant comfort, health and safety. Seamless and self-adhering, the WALLTITE® insulating air barrier system eliminates uncontrolled air leakage by providing monolithic construction, complete continuity and superior insulation R/U-value. Combined with lower installation labor costs and a lifecycle that lasts throughout the building’s life expectancy, WALLTITE® is a highly cost-effective solution.


Approved by the Air Barrier Association of America, WALLTITE® technology provides air barrier, insulation, drainage plain and, in many States, a vapor barrier—all in one product. Several independent reports state that uncontrolled air leakage accounts for as much as 40% of heating and air conditioning costs and contributes to premature decay of building materials, poor indoor air quality and mold growth. The high-performance WALLTITE® system substantially reduces both air leakage and moisture permeance through the building envelope. The WALLTITE® insulating air barrier system outperforms traditional insulation materials in eco-efficiency on its test scores in the award-winning BASF Eco-Efficiency Analysis. WALLTITE® technology is installed by BASF Team Q Approved Applicators to ensure quality in every application.


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