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  • VIDEOEco-Efficiency Analysis 101: How to Leverage this Strategic Lifecycle Tool

    Eco-Efficiency Analysis 101: How to Leverage this Strategic Lifecycle Tool

    Go beyond simple lifecycle analysis to balance the triple bottom line. Get an overview of the third-party verified Eco-Efficiency Analysis that compares lifecycle economic and environmental data for m

  • VIDEOSound absorption for open offices: Designing with Basotect®

    Sound absorption for open offices: Designing with Basotect®

    When solving modern-day acoustical challenges, the only limit to working with Basotect is your imagination. In this video, Inside the Blueprint highlights Basotect's versatility.


    Basotect: The Artful Design of Sound Control

    Noise is all around us. A car passing by, a dog barking, the humming of the air conditioning. These sounds surround us constantly. For better or for worse, sounds define our surroundings, but do you e

  • VIDEOBASF Biodegradable Mulch Film

    Biodegradable Mulch Film

    See how BASF’s biodegradable mulch film works, as an environmentally friendly alternative to polyethylene mulch. Farmers get the benefits of weed and water management, without the need for extr


    Weather the storm

    Build stronger, more resilient homes that withstand the forces of natural disasters with BASF’s Disaster Durable Solutions. Learn more.


    Protect your home in a flash

    Disaster Durable Solutions aims to equip buildings with cost-saving, construction solutions that help protect the built environment against the elements. Here's how.


    Bemis retail solutions

    Bemis retail solutions provides shoppers with a unique shopping experience all while being better for the environment at a reduced cost of ownership. Watch and learn how.