Why BASF Performance Materials?


Find new ways to improve your products.

Combine plastics and polyurethanes with a connected team of industry-leading experts. Add access to global R&D. Stir in a solutions focus.


That’s the recipe for replacing average performance with high performance. A little molecular manipulation is all it takes.


But what defines 'high-performance' materials? Well, you do. It's about successfully meeting the performance parameters you set. The ones demanded by your customers. Plastics and polyurethanes allow us, as chemists, to develop a solution to almost any manufacturing, design or build problem.


Backed by our global R&D network and connected team of industry-leading experts, our broad portfolio of off-the-shelf materials and custom formulations mean you can take your product to the next level.


BASF Performance Materials is for manufacturers, designers and builders who want innovative materials that will improve the performance of their own products. For those who know that standing still quickly means falling behind. For those who want to win in their increasingly competitive marketplaces.


Performance Materials was made for you. Our customers.


Explore the links below to find out how we can come together so you can come out ahead.


Virtually tour BASF's Wyandotte campus.


Get connected.

You need more than one product to solve your toughest challenges. You need a high-performance solutions approach.

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We innovate to make our customers more successful.

No matter your market, winning today is about new ideas, new capabilities, new benefits to the end user.

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You want more than just a product portfolio.

We offer service and support to help smooth the transition from average performance to high performance.

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Best-in-industry solutions and expertise from around the world.

BASF high-performance plastic and polyurethane materials group was formed to give you more options in one place.

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From space-age material to ubiquitous use.

Almost everything we touch, on any given day, is made of plastic or has plastic components. We help you select the right material and properties for your application.

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The innovation material.

Polyurethane chemistry has enabled designers, engineers, and architects to enjoy the freedom of having materials that that can be made to any shape and with almost any texture.

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Contributing to success by association.

We know that no single organization has all the answers. That's why we participate in many major industry associations - to both give and receive knowledge.

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Because nothing is more important than health and safety.

We actually believe that health and safety — for our employees, customers, suppliers and neighbors — is of the utmost importance.

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