We innovate to make our customers more successful.


There aren’t many industries where the status quo holds sway. Where customer satisfaction means dishing out the same old, same old, year after year.


No matter your market, winning today is about new ideas, new capabilities, new features, new benefits to the end user. And when you win, we win.


That’s why we innovate – to help you produce the next big thing in your competitive arena. To solve your challenges. Meet your customers’ demands.


We constantly strive to replace conventional, average-performance materials – whether plastic, fiber, foam or metal – with high-performance materials.


When you work with BASF Performance Materials, you have access to a global R&D network. In 2012, BASF invested about $2.31 billion in R&D projects. Around 10,500 employees are engaged in research and development, working on 3,000 projects at approximately 70 locations around the world.


In addition, BASF currently has nearly 2,000 active collaborations with various universities, research institutes, companies and individual experts.


Bring us your ideas, and we’ll help you turn them into a reality.


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