The innovation material.


Polyurethane chemistry has enabled designers, engineers, and architects to enjoy the freedom of having materials that that can be made to any shape and with almost any texture.


Polyurethane is any polymer - a large molecule of repeating structural units - composed of a chain of organic units, joined by urethane links. Polyurethanes are the most versatile of all the polymers: liquid, rigid, pliable and stretchable. Able to be spread, sprayed or molded.


Polyurethanes are available in a number of forms, like rigid and flexible foams, chemical coatings, specialty adhesives and sealants, and elastomers, which can be molded into any shape. Their uses are endless, ranging from high-performance building insulation to sporting equipment, and from transportation to deep sea pipelines.


Manufacturers and builders have a material that allows them to operate more efficiently and make products more cost effectively. Consumers have a life more convenient and more comfortable than ever before in human history.


With a little chemical innovation, we can make polyurethane do almost anything you want it to do.


It's the stuff from which innovation is made and it is the material from which the future will be formed.


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